I understand that the heart and brain, as well as every

 organ of the body, are in perfect health. ~Dr. Bob Luckin

I am precious, unique, and authentic.

Namaste’ Fellow Travelers,

Having taken stock of your current state of health during Week 1, now it is time to create a vision of what you would like to move toward health-wise. Or, maybe more appropriately, what results would you like to see from practicing healthy self-care? Since we are each precious, unique, and authentic souls, our vision of perfect health will vary.   

Your vision of excellent health is key to getting what you want. Without a clear vision we are lost before we get started. It is like setting a New Year’s resolution about losing weight and then immediately dismissing it with the idea that the likelihood of achieving that goal is remote at best. In that scenario, there is no clear image of what it would look like to lose weight, what it would feel like, or how it would benefit your life. Perhaps, it feels risky to think in terms of something that feels seemingly impossible, or maybe we do not want to set ourselves up for failure. But saying you want something and then refusing to get a clear picture in your mind is like standing outside of a restaurant and telling yourself you are hungry and you sure would like to eat something, but failing to go in and place an order.   

When I imagine perfect health, I picture a a medium weight, strong, well, and energetic body. That is the end result, yet there is a deeper level to this picture not visible from my human perspective. All of the elements of a healthy body and existence hinge on the seeds of thought. What I experience in the way of health is due to what I chose to think. My thoughts lead to words and actions, which become the directions I give my body on how to show up in physical form. I can’t plant turnips and end up with sunflowers. If I believe I will be sick – for whatever reason, then I will manifest that in my life. So when I envision perfect health, I also need to create a mindset around thinking that into fruition. Our thinking is a direct result of the time set aside for inner reflection, so this important aspect of the equation has to be part of the picture.

My picture of perfect health include continuing the healthy lifestyle I am started the summer of 2019 when I gave myself a Camino summer and then continued during the pandemic, eating lots of fruits and vegetables every day, walking or doing something physical every daily, and most important, prioritizing a chunk of my day in prayer, meditation, and journaling. I cannot imagine living a healthier life than I am experiencing right now. I have little to minimal stress, I am doing what I love doing – writing, I have a source for spiritual inspiration (the church via live-stream, books, Podcasts), and I am committed to continuing this healthy routine.   

Likely I will not have the luxury of spending this much time doing these things post-pandemic, but now that I have tasted how healthy this makes me feel, I will come back to it as regularly as possible. It will serve as my image I cling to when the stress of daily living and the constant to-do lists start to feel bigger than the need to care for myself.  

From this affirmation, I am precious, unique, and authentic, I have concluded that my physical form is a precious individualized manifestation of the One Power. I am unique and different from every other human being, and my general health gives me a means of sharing myself with the world. Authenticity is my divine gift of free will, which I express through how I care for my body, mind, and Spirit.

What is your vision of where you want to be health-wise? Or, maybe more appropriately, what results would you like to see from practicing healthy self-care?  What is the perfect picture of your precious, unique, and authentic self in its healthiest state? Note: Save your ideas for achieving perfect health for next week’s journal. Today, focused on what perfect health looks like to you. Also, explore your thoughts and how those dictate the way you create your health.

After you journal about this topic, write an affirmation that summarizes your thoughts on a brightly colored index card . An example might be: My vision of perfect health grows out of my positive thoughts, words, and actions.  

Next, write a letter from your divine-self to you in which you allow your spirit to encourage and support you in picturing perfect health. Remember, to use a term of endearment and open yourself to the love that your soul has for you.

I look forward to connecting next week. Buen Camino, Pat

The more we are able to align our thinking with what we want, the more fully empowered we become, and the more transformed our lives become.

~Michael C. Rann & Elizabeth Rann Arrott