There is only one temple in the world and that is the human body. ~Novalis

I am divinely, creatively, and lovingly present.

Namaste’ Fellow Travelers,

The first affirmation, I am divinely, creatively, and lovingly present, is the foundational premise that the rest of the affirmations hinge upon. ‘I am’ are the two most powerful words in the English language. This incredibly short phrase dictates our lives because whatever follows it produces either positive or negative results.   

The first subject area, health, is also foundational since every other aspect of our lives depend upon the general state of our well-being, physically, mentally, and emotionally, the three-legged stool of our overall health.  

At 18, I was excited about getting married after a whirlwind romance of only three months, but I was in the hospital for the second time since my fiance and I met. I had pneumonia. When my future husband came to see me, he said somberly,“I can’t afford to marry you because of your medical bills.”

Terrified, I proclaimed, “I will be well.”

He gave me a doubtful look and left.

While witnessing my roommate and her visitor’s apparent shock, a deep sense of urgency moved through me. In order to save the relationship, I had to make good on my word. I returned to my dorm, determined to follow through with the thoughts, words, and actions that would enable me to manifest my vow. Even though this experience happened fifty years ago, I have experienced remarkably good health from that time until now.

Digging deeper, I have to ask myself, Why I, a perfectly healthy eighteen-year-old girl, ended up in the hospital twice within a three-month period of time? The honest answer is, I was looking for love in all the wrong ways. I grew up in a household where illness garnered attention from my father. Otherwise, he was oblivious to his family’s emotional wants and needs. Clearly, my numerous childhood illnesses link to getting recognition. My unhealthy state at eighteen illustrates my desire to keep my fiance’s love, but it had not worked, so I dramatically shifted my strategy.

Had simply saving the relationship been the only result of my new course, I might not have stuck to my healthy practices. Instead, I immediately saw the benefits of a nutritious diet, exercise, and getting enough sleep. Plus, this experience demonstrated how powerful my thoughts are in creating the life I desire – not only with my overall health, but in every aspect of my life.

As the story I shared demonstrates, the seeds of physical health are planted and nurtured by our thoughts. Taking the time to examine our beliefs and the results that grow out of them is well worth the effort. This year-long journaling program offers an opportunity for self-reflection, truly a spiritual practice. It is what the Camino Journey is all about. Your thoughts, words, and actions will manifest results, so why not consciously choose what you want…like excellent health.

Committing yourself to exploring these journal prompts each week is a means of caring for yourself, which is a gift many of us deny ourselves. Self-care equates to self-love, again something many of us shy away from because of misguided ideas we formed while growing up. By joining me on this journey, you are accepting the invitation to emerge yourself in the practice of self-care. The end results will be a gift to you as well as your loved ones.

Journal Question: Currently, what does your overall health look like? Go beyond physical health and explore your mental and emotional health as well. In future journal prompts, we’ll get into why you are experiencing your current state of health, yet feel free to start journaling about that now. As illustrated by my story relating to  my vow to be healthy, I discovered a strong link between what wellness meant to me both before and after my fiance told me he couldn’t afford to marry me. You may find some amazing correlations as well.

After fully exploring your current health, create a personal (first person), positive, and powerful affirmation. Write it on a colored index card and put it somewhere you will see it often to reinforce its message throughout the week. Be bold and make it outrageously strong.

Example: My healthy thoughts result in a healthy body and mind.

Once you have fully explored the journal question, review your journal entry(s) and your affirmation before you write a letter from your soul to you. You may want to use nice stationary or added it to your weekly journal entry. Address the letter with your favorite term of endearment because this is how your soul sees you. I usually address mine to ‘Dearest Butterbean,’ because thinking of myself as Butterbean warms my heart and makes me smile. I sign my letter ‘ME’ since my soul is the highest form of myself. Allow the love your soul has for you to pour out onto the page. Your letter might start similar to this:

Dearest Butterbean(or whatever feels right to you), January 13, 2021

I am so very proud of you for having the courage to honestly look at your health and for giving yourself this opportunity to commit yourself to a year of self-care. When you ……. ME

Because we are on a spiritual journey together, I will sign off with ‘Buen Camino,’ which means “the right track.” It is commonly said to fellow travelers when walking the Camino in France and Spain.

Looking forward to connecting next week. Buen Camino, Pat

It isn’t what is going on in our lives that creates stress in our bodies. Rather, it’s what’s going on in our minds. ~Michael C. Rann & Elizabeth Rann Arrott


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