It’s easy to enjoy each
other while on a vacation
to Maui. The key is to
find someone you can
have fun with during the
six-hour flight over there.
~ Tom Arnold

Getting clear about what I want in a wedding or any other ceremony is much more important than following the book. Honestly, I would not change anything about my wedding, except make sure the photographer and I were on the same page as to the orientation of the pictures. The wedding reflected what I wanted and what Rael and I had agreed upon.  The location had meaning for both of us; the ceremony was unique, meaningful, and a composite of Rael, LaVern, and my ideas. Loved ones attended. The food turned out great. Even the weather cooperated.

Honeymoons are a great way to start a marriage. Whether or not the marriage lasts, the honeymoon should offer some fond memories, and mine does. I did enjoy the trip and the time we had together. I’m glad we did something that was special to both of us. Like the wedding itself, I will always have these memories as a pleasant reminder of the time we had together.


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