Nuggets of Gold from Chapter Four

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You . . .

Be brave. Do things that look scary but will allow me to fully participate at the same time. Before going to New Zealand, I wrestled with the idea of driving on the left-hand side of the road. Could I do that? Would I find myself mired in one traffic blunder after another? I worried about it to the point of clouding my excitement about taking the trip. When I finally did find myself behind the wheel, I found it entirely manageable – certainly not the giant challenge I had imagined. There have been other occasions that I let my fear keep me from speaking up in a crowd or doing a bungee jump or parasailing. The bungee jump and the parasailing are inconsequential, but not speaking up when I have something to say weighs in as highly regrettable, for those are times when I squelched who I was out of fear. Those are opportunities I cannot reclaim, and their memory is a reminder of a great truth: it is up to me to allow my light to shine, rather than hiding out for fear of being wrong.

Be present in the moment. My time in New Zealand was fantastic, and the thing that made it so great was that I had anticipated it and knew that it would only last for a given amount of time. Isn’t that life in general? None of us will live forever, so why not make what we have right now the best day ever and appreciate it for all of the gifts that it brings? That attitude of being present and appreciative allows me to be in a not-so-good-place and still see the beauty that is present.

Being in a state of deep appreciation is a surefire way to keep us rooted in the present.
~ Rick Foster and Greg Hicks from Choosing Brilliant Health


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