Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time. ~Maya Angelou

Had lunch with a friend and we talked about the difference between victim vs. victor – two little letters and a huge shift in thinking.  I am really getting in touch with how this perspective permeates every aspect of my life – even down to how I see myself and releasing this book out in to the Universe.  I had some issues around associating my worth with whether or not it was successful, but I have come to a place of peace knowing that it is my gift to the Universe at large and how it does is in no way tied to my worth.  This is a lesson I keep teaching myself over and over again.  It is for me that shift from giving the world outside of me responsibility for determining my worth vs. me coming from a place of centered-ness and knowing that I am an expression of Spirit – no matter what the book does or doesn’t do.


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