Love yourself, accept
yourself, forgive yourself,and be good to yourself,
because without you the
rest of us are without
a source of many
wonderful things.
~Leo Buscaglia

I recently read a book, The Consciousness of Deserving by Rusty Berkus that used the term “snowflake self.”  We are each unique snowflake, fingerprint selves.  The trick for me is to embrace that and truly honor that part of me that makes me unique different and special.  Too often I find myself eager to fit in, to be what someone else wants me to be.

Just for today, I will honor the truth that I am a unique snowflake.  While I have much in common with others, no one else is exactly like me, and that makes me incredibly special.  Namaste (the light in me sees and honors the light in you.)  That makes both of us divine expressions of Spirit.


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