After retiring from teaching at a community college in May of 2011, I wrote a book, Too  Much Gold to Flush: The Gift of Infidelity. Three months after I married in 2009, my husband kicked me out of the home that we had remodeled together, so he could marry his first sweetheart of 32 years ago. Now my ex is in prison, and his new wife is raising his son while I thank my lucky stars that fate escorted me out of that insane situation.

Initially, I was eager to expose my husband as a total jerk, but I hadn’t gotten past creating the initial outline for the book when I realized some ugly truths – about me. No one forced me to marry him – AND I knew things about him that should have sent me running the other direction. Three months into our relationship, he told me he was a pedophile, but I married him anyway. Believe me, I was tempted to leave out that part of the story, but then I realized this was my gift, the gold I gleaned from the experience. By admitting this huge flaw in judgment, I claim the right to view myself as the person who can learn from mistakes and move on. Instead of remaining stuck in victim mode, I now see myself as the creator of an awesome life.

Not only is this book entertaining while giving you permission to look at your own stuff, it also acts as a powerful tool to help an aspect of the population that desperately needs assistance in finding their own inner guides – women’s shelters. One-half of the purchase price of every book goes to the shelter you designate. Learn more on my website, and while you are there buy a copy for yourself as well as several for friends and family. Let me make your Christmas shopping easy, which will not only benefit you but the shelters as well. For every 12 books you buy, I’ll throw in a complimentary copy.

How else can you help?
• Send this to friends and family along with a short introduction, telling them your perspective.
• In your introduction ask your friends and family to help spread the word by continuing to forwarding.
• “Like Me” on my Too  Much Gold to Flush Facebook account.
• Connect with me on Pinterest & LinkedIn (Pat Grissom) & Twitter (patgrissom1)
• Post my website and a message about my cause on your social media – however you communicate.

Wouldn’t it be phenomenal if this book went viral and you were a part of making that happen? If you know of a shelter that would like to benefit from this book or an organization that would like to take on the project of selling this book, let me know.

Namaste (the light in me sees and honors the light in you), Pat



    • Pat Grissom


      Thanks. I am excited to hear that you are eager to read it – and thanks for spreading the word.

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