How everything was going to work out and the suspense
I loved this book so much it was hard to put it down. Pat Grissom is an excellent story teller. I was fascinated by the way it was written and spellbound. I also read the first book “Call It Quits” and would recommend these books as an amazing adventure. Gayle Mcfadde

– Gail

Not only riveting but meaningful on several levels.
After reading Call it Quits by Pat Grissom, I couldn’t wait for this sequel. After the first few pages of Living With Abi, I had a hard time putting the book down. I found myself often pondering what the next chapter would be revealing. When I realized I had finished all but 3 chapters left in the book I actually put the book down for several days because I was torn between wondering how it would end and being sad that it was close to ending. I didn’t want the story to be over. However, when the book finally ended, I felt at peace, complete, and hoping Pat will write a sequel. I highly recommend this book as an easy read but also as a catalyst for anyone pondering afterlife.

– Kathie

Enjoyable and Enlightening Loved It
Wonderful sequel to “Call It Quits” I couldn’t wait for “Living With Abi” to come out . It was just like before I couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed each characters story and how they fit with each other . I
really felt it was very enlightening. I recently lost a sister and the book gave me comforting guidance on death, the human soul and love. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next !

– Terry

This sequal to Call it Quits was pure delight…intriguing and engaging. Continuing to follow Ali and Garret’s journey kept me returning to the book even when I “should” have been doing other things:) Made me reconsider what I thought about the hereafter…and the present. Another fascinating read from Pat Grissom. Looking forward to more.

– Sue Davis