At my Unity church, I took a class, Prosperity Plus II, produced by Mary Morrissey which has changed my life in profound ways.  I’ve always been a workshop junkie, yet this program is different. It has 20161007_110441-1taken me from theory to application.  The pivotal class for me was the one that told the story of Genevieve Behrend.  She wrote a little book Your Invisible Power.  This book is short in length but huge in message.   It tells the story of a widowed woman who back in the 1920’s decided she wanted to go to England to study with Thomas Troward, whose writing had greatly inspired her.  Not having the money to do this, she set a goal of creating $20,000 (close to $500,000 in today’s economy) in six weeks.  And she did it!

The way she did it was the most astounding part.  She pictured counting twenty $1,000 bills each morning and each night as she envisioned going to England to study with Thomas Troward.  Reflecting on her story, I thought of my desire to generate money for the crowdfunding project I am working on, Empowerment through Education.  It is placing my book, Too Much Gold to Flush, in the hands of women in shelters, and it is creating college funds for these same women.  As I pictured Genevieve counting out those imaginary $1,000 bills, I said to myself, “I could do that.”

20161007_110356-1To reach my Empowerment through Education goal, I need to generate $150,000 in donations.  Using the $1,000 bill that Mary Morrissey provided with the Prosperity Plus II program, I went to a copy shop and created 150 copies.  When I pictured counting these $1,000 bills, I wondered if those plan black and white pieces of paper would generate the proper enthusiasm to produce my desired results.  Then I thought of decorating these $1,000 bills.  But coloring all of them by myself seemed boring and tedious, so I recruited friends, my grandchildren, and even my mom to add their creative energy to my goal-setting project.  Now, each time, I count out these colorfully decorated bills, I remember the love and energy that each person infused into those pieces of paper and the greater message that it has for me – My dreams and goals are worthy, and they are finding their way to fruition in the best possible way.  

You may be asking yourself what this has to do with healing the wounds of failed relationships, 20161007_110428-1which has been the focus of this blog.  It has everything to do with it.  In order to move forward in a positive way, first we must assess where we are and what choices we have made, which has been our emphasis thus far.  Then, we need to start taking positive steps in the right direction.  That’s what Prosperity Plus is all about.  The heart of this program is to start setting intentions and then moving toward those goals.

How does this connect to my crowdfunding project?  I wrote Too Much Gold to Flush to heal from my own failed relationship, AND I want to help others do the same.  The average woman who goes into a shelter will do so seven times in her lifetime.  She often goes back to the same man, which results in this revolving door syndrome.  For those who decide to bypass the pain of the earlier relationship by finding someone different will end up back at the shelter.  Why?  Because they have not changed their belief system or the way they approach relationships.

20161007_105949This is the cesspool I found myself in when my husband dumped me three months into our marriage.  I was destined to repeat that revolving door phenomena exemplified but not restricted to women’s shelters unless I took the time to truly assess my own behavior and what had gotten me into this situation, which I did.  It was painful and humiliating, and much harder than focusing on what a jerk he had been.  Still, I was the one who chose to marry him.  I was attracted to him, and I would be attracted to someone else of the same caliber until I finally got the lesson in all this.  That was the gold that I could not flush.

That’s why it is so important for women in shelters to read Too Much Gold to Flush about my own self-assessment and healing process.  Their husbands, boyfriends, partners were wrong to abuse them, yet the abused chose the abusers, and this cycle of dysfunction will continue unless the 20161007_110138abused takes an honest assessment of their own behavior and consciously learns to make different choices.  Don’t think going through this self-analysis has graduated me to sainthood.  I still make mistakes, yet now I strive to learn from my bad choices by weighing my future options and going for the healthier one, which has not always been my pattern.

The other piece of Empowerment through Education is creating college funds for women’s shelters.  The women who seek refuge in a shelter do not have the means to provide housing and food for themselves and their children.  Few of them have a job, and those who do are typically working for minimum wage.  Many women stay in abusive situations because they are financially dependent.  Most shelters are struggling to keep their doors open, so setting money aside for college funds is out of the question.  That’s why it is so important to me to take the first step in doing this.

If women in shelters see college as a possibility, they are much more likely to move toward attending school and training for a job that will provide for them and their family.  Once they start their first semester, there are numerous programs like Pell grants to help them stay in school.  I taught at the college level for 20 years, and I know the impact that having an education has made in my own life and in the lives of my students.

Help me to help women to help themselves by donating to Empowerment through Education.   You’ll be glad you did, and a woman in a women’s shelter will be truly blessed by your generosity.

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