“Pay It Forward” while Reading

Too Much Gold to Flush

 Had I known what I was getting into, I doubt I would have gone there, but I sure am glad I did. ~Patricia Ann Grissom

I’m excited to announce that the Pay It Forward Book Club is getting off to a rock-and-rolling start.  In November I will be Skyping with a group from Perth, Australia who is reading my book.  How exciting is that?  Here is a link to their website.  Check it out to see what others are doing to support local shelters.  http://www.meetup.com/The-Perth-Girly-Book-Club/events/118136802/

Too Much Gold to Flush offers an inspiring and fascinating read while benefitting women’s shelters. For those of you who are not familiar with this book here is an introduction: (If you are eager to see details about the book club, scan to the second half of this posting.)

In June of 2009 my husband of three months dumped me for another woman.  In book_center1the devastating aftermath of suffering and humiliation, I vowed I would never find myself in that miserable situation again.  As I began to heal, I decided to write a book to facilitate the process, and I wanted to share what I learned during this experience.  From the beginning of this journey, I committed to helping women in shelters since these individuals were likely going through the same anguish I was undergoing, except a lack of resources made their situation much worse than mine.

Initially, I wanted my book to expose my husband as a sex addict and pedophile while painting me as the wronged heroine.  After all, my ex-husband now resides in prison.  Doesn’t that say something about what a jerk he was and what a victim I had been?  Then the awful truth hit me between the eyes – I made the choices that got me into this mess.

With that realization, I discovered an incredible gift – this situation offered an opportunity to grow that I would never get any other way.  This book tells my story – every embarrassing detail as well as each triumph I discovered along the way.  Excavating my early years and exploring the beliefs I formed about myself in childhood gave me powerful insights.  While processing all this, I shifted from seeing myself as a victim to realizing my ability to create a life full of meaning and purpose.

Book Club Guidelines:

If your group buys a minimum of six copies of Too Much Gold to Flush


Commits to make a donation or organize a service project for your local shelter,

Your group will receive Too Much Gold to Flush at half price. 

This is a quality hard-back 300+-page book valued at $24.99 reduced to $12.50 per copy. 

To receive the 50% discount books, a minimum of 6 books must be purchased.  A preview copy may be purchased at the reduced rate.  The remaining copies for the designated group should be purchased within the next six months.  After the preview copy is shipped, subsequent books purchased under the same group name will not be shipped at the reduced rate until five more books are purchased.  Buying multiple copies at one time saves money on shipping.

If your club buys a minimum of 18 books, Pat Grissom, the author, will attend your book club meeting via Skype or speaker phone for a 30 minute interview.  Ask her every question that occurred to you while reading this fascinating book.

Order online at http://patgrissom.com/purchase-book/ Use the Buy button under the Book Club title to purchase books at half price.

or contact info@patgrissom.com with questions.  Use “Book Club Inquiry” in the subject line.

Sample review:

Midwest Review Book Review

Too Much Gold To Flush
Pat Grissom
Dedicated to Empowering Women LLC
PO Box 2235, Friendswood, TX 77549
9780985381301, $24.99
We’ve all known women who were not only attracted to toxic men — but married them only to suffer horrendous consequences. Drawing upon her own life experiences, Pat Grissom has written “Too Much Gold to Flush: The Gift of Infidelity”, a 311 page compendium in which she lays out in candid detail her own flawed marriage, depressing divorce, and the lessons she learned along the way to rebuilding her life and her reclaiming her self respect. Thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in both tone and substance, “Too Much Gold to Flush: The Gift of Infidelity” will prove to be invaluable and inspiring reading for anyone else caught up in similar life experiences. Simply stated, “Too Much Gold to Flush: The Gift of Infidelity” deserves as wide a readership as possible and is highly recommended for self-help collections.
See it on the website by going to this address and scrolling down the page under self-help.


 Diane Savage, founder and CEO of Bay Area Turning Point, women’s shelter says:

Pat takes us on her self-awareness journey, and we get to visualize her blossoming into the person she was meant to be. So many people can identify with the feeling of not having a voice. When that voice is found, or finally listened to, it is a time to celebrate. One might see it as the true beginning of their life. It is my hope that anyone reading her book will discover new insights and strengths about their self and others.


Go to http://patgrissom.com/book-reviews/ to read other reviews.  While you are there check out the Introduction, Prologue, and First Chapter on the Preview page http://patgrissom.com/book-preview/ and watch a two minute video of the author.


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