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The Gift of Infidelity

Pat Grissom uses her own nightmarish experiences with an unfaithful husband and the lessons she learned to offer women a new, empowering perspective in her book, ‘Too Much Gold to Flush, the Gift of Infidelity’

Many women find themselves in a less-than-ideal marriage, despite the warnings of their friends and family. Author Pat Grissom found herself in a nightmare marriage; it ended while she was still a newlywed. Her world was turned upside down.  In her book, Too Much Gold to Flush, the Gift of Infidelity, she tells her story and the lessons that she learned along the way, offering insight to others who find themselves in a similar situation.

Grissom doesn’t hold anything back; “This book tells my story – every embarrassing detail as well as each triumph I discovered along the way.”  Although, initially, she wanted to expose her husband—now in prison—as a “sex addict and a pedophile”, while painting herself as “the wronged heroine”, she comes to the powerful realization that her marital misery arose as a result of her own decisions.

While this can be a tough and humbling pill for many to swallow, Grissom’s perspective helps women to see this all-too-painful realization in a new, positive light; “With that realization, I discovered an incredible gift—this situation offered an opportunity to grow that I would never get any other way.”  Through self-examination, Grissom was able to evolve out of the victim mentality and create life for herself that is “full of meaning and purpose.”

It is Grissom’s hopes that other women will learn from her mistakes and use their own painful situations as an opportunity to grow. Using her as a model, women can turn what they believe to be their darkest moment into a positive experience, arming themselves with the strength and emotional fortitude that they need to progress beyond the situation and the men like her ex-husband, readying them for a new, healthy relationship, and, more importantly, a new, healthy version of themselves.  For anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation—or knows a loved one who is in such a situation—Too Much Gold to Flush is an empowering read.

Grissom is donating half of the sales of her book to a woman’s shelter of the book buyer’s choosing, in order to further help women who are struggling.
Pat Grissom

p1Pat Grissom has lived through the nightmare that she writes about, and she has used her experiences to benefit others.  She is a retired college professor who taught study skills, where she “preached loud and long about the importance of making wise choices and being responsible for my own actions”.  Grissom says of Too Much Gold to Flush, “The irony of this book is that it gave me the perfect opportunity to pass my own class.”  She lives in Friendswood, Texas, located between Houston and Galveston, where she enjoys practicing yoga, gardening, traveling, reading, watching movies, socializing with friends, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

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