Living With Abi – a sequel to Call It Quits.
Set in Houston, Texas and Jacob’s Springs, New Zealand,
Living With Abi takes place ten years after Call It Quits ends.
Once more Abi and Garrett
are drawn together by a matter of life and death.

Ten years ago, Abi and her infant son, Moa, fled her abusive husband, Vince, by escaping Texas and settling in New Zealand. Now, Abi is facing certain death due to ovarian cancer. Moa is not Vince’s child, but she dare not contact Moa’s biological father, Garrett, because Vince would somehow find out and claim Moa as his own. Moa cannot imagine losing his mother. They have been everything to each other.

Garrett, who does not know Moa exists, is a psychologist and author. He has just returned from a book tour, and is enigmatically obsessed with finding Abi his lost lover of ten years earlier. He is also suffering with inexplicable abdominal pain. His quest to locate Abi does not make sense as he is happily married to Delthea. Still, he cannot shake his growing need to find Abi and relieve the pain in his gut.

Delthea felt attracted to Garrett when they started working together – right after Abi disappeared and he was married to Trang. She was there for Garrett when he lost Trang and their child in a car accident. After dating and marriage, Garrett first convinced Delthea to postpone parenting, so they could both get their PhD’s, and then so he could write and promote a book. Finally, her time has come.

Living with Abi tells the mystical story of how these intertwined lives come together across time and distance, bridging the gap between life and death.