I’m excited about a book I have available  starting October 22, 2012. Over the next 16 weeks I will post snippets from the book.  Several years ago I charged head-long into a relationship destined for disaster.  When the inevitable happened,  I was devastated.  In order to avoid future calamities, I vowed to figure out a course of action that would guarantee I did not replicate this same relationships in the future. That’s what prompted me to write Too Much Gold to Flush.

My weekly post will contain a paragraph summary of each chapter along with the lessons I learned pertaining to that chapter of the book.  I call them Nuggets of Gold, and they are located at the back of each chapter along with Family Reflections which offer the connections I found between my adult behavior and what/how I learned to think or see myself as a child.

From talking to others, I hear people say they usually skip the introduction and the prologue to a book.  Don’t.  The prologue to this book, which I wrote after I thought I was finished, is the most revealing aspect of it.   By writing the other 300+ pages, I finally understood why I had done what I did, what prompted me to make the choices I had made that propelled me into a marriage doomed from the beginning. Go to Home on my website http://patgrissom.com/and click on Preview on the Front page where you can read the prologue, introduction, and chapter 1.

Not only is Too Much Gold to Flush a fantastic read, it also benefits women’s shelters.  One-half of the purchase price of the book goes to the shelter the buyer designates, so reserve several copies of Too Much Gold to Flush for you and for gifts – today.


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