We actually are immersed in an Infinite Love as well as a Divine Wisdom. And we must learn to feel the presence of this Love and rely on it. ~Ernest Holmes

I am divinely, creatively, and lovingly present.

Namaste’ Fellow Traveler,

We each have our own personal Aladdin’s lamp which becomes activated by two simple words, “I am.” Whatever follows those words will trigger the genie in our head to create details that will fulfill our command, both positive and negative. While we grow up unaware of this incredible power, the real gift is opened when we become aware of our ability to choose how we will use this ability. Time, like health, are the building blocks by which we create our lives. For the next seven journal prompts, we will explore the concept of time and how to mindfully take charge of how we command our use of this most valuable gift.

As I write this, much of the world is in lock-down mode with the Covid-19 pandemic. From talking to people, I have heard a variety of reactions to this forced confinement. Many, like my 89-year-old mother, have cabin fever and are ready to go back to ‘normal’, although what that looks like moving forward may vary greatly from what we once knew. Others, like me, are treasuring the opportunity to focus on what I love to do – write. One friend referred to it as a month of Sundays, something she had often wished for, yet never believed would ever come to fruition.

With the shelter-in-place mandate, I once more have the opportunity to create a Camino experience like I did last summer, yet like before I spent several weeks trying to find some kind of schedule or rhythm since I did not have my daily activities such as yoga, art class, and church around which to create a routine. Both now and before, I initially found myself making long lists and over-scheduling my time, which is typical for how I operate no matter how much or little time I have.

Also like last summer, I struggled with fully embracing the opportunity. The very idea that I needed an excuse to focus on my writing is absurd because I am retired, yet I still felt I had been gifted with an opportunity that does not happen that often, and certainly not in my own home where I am typically distracted by all the wonderful opportunities that surround me. While considering the overriding foundational Truths, I remind myself that my divine gift of choice determines how I will use my time. Those choices stem from my thoughts, which I translate into words and actions. My choices must be done in the present moment. I can not go back and change how I used time yesterday, nor can I borrow time from the future. Although I can do or not do things now that will necessitate I use time to fix the problems I created today.

Time has always been a huge issue for me, a challenge to see how much juice I could squeeze out of every day, or as my grandmother used to say, I burn the candle at both ends. Currently, my biggest challenge is getting back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night, which I often do, thus impacting the next day. Grandma would have called that burning the candle in the middle. I have often wished for all the time I needed for everything I want to do. These Camino experiences have given me an understanding that I actually do have all the time I need, although I must learn to look at things differently.

While I am currently focused on my writing, I am also mindful of giving myself downtime and getting things done around the house. I am addicted to Words with Friends, a computerized scrabble game, which has on occasion consumed hours of my day. While it is an entertaining diversion and good exercise for the problem solving part of my brain, it can also get in the way of me getting things done. Finding a balance between what I need to do, want to do, have to do, and would like to do is the key. The more I can bring all that into alignment, the happier I am. For me, my day goes better if I start it off with inspirational reading and journaling before I get out of bed. Then I walk or work in my garden. While I am doing that, the seeds of thought that I just planted while reading and journaling start to take root and form into ideas that will show up in my writing later in the day.  

Like last summer, I am extremely grateful to have this time and my intention is it will become a way of life, a mindset that I move forward with when we are not required to shelter- in-place. The details of what that will look like will be addressed in the next day’s prompt. As for now, this is my current mode of using my time. What is yours?

Journal Question: How do you currently think of your time and how do you use it?  

Affirmation: What is a positive affirmation summarizing your journaling? Example: My time is my most precious gift. 

Letter from your Divine: I invite you to review your journal entry and your affirmation before you a letter from your soul reflecting on both. Address the letter with a term of endearment because that is how your soul sees you. Then allow the love that your soul has for you to pour out onto the page.

Buen Camino, Pat

In moments of real inspiration, we realize…that God is All – the Life in everything and the Love through everything. ~Ernest Holmes