Our thinking provides the nourishment, and our emotional expectancy provides the environment for all our miracles.

~Michael C. Rann and Elizabeth Rann Arrott

I am entitled to miracles. Through forgiveness, I know I am love.

Namaste’ Fellow Travelers,

When I am able to shift my thinking and behavior from victim to creator, it is a true healing miracle. In order to make this shift, I must let go of old beliefs, and I must be willing to embrace a new perspective. Forgiveness enables me to do both. What limiting idea am I ready to release about my health? What empowering miracle am I ready to peacefully accept concerning my health?

Many of our health habits are acquired in childhood, what and how much we eat, our sleep patterns, and our level of activity or exercise. We may grow up feeling like we have no control over our behavior because we mindlessly follow behaviors that were engrained in our thinking long before we had the wherewithal to make healthy choices. In order to create new, healthy eating habits, we have to release the old ones as well as our belief that we have no control over our eating. If you blame a parent for creating this demon you now wrestle with, you are a victim of the past…the memory of what you learned as a child. This is where forgiveness comes into the formula. It is amazingly effective at releasing the old and grounding us in the present.

Refusing to forgive is magical thinking that clings to negativity as if this will somehow eventually change the past. Of course blame, shame, and guilt have never achieved anything. It does keep us stuck in the past though and unable to enjoy the present moment. Forgiveness must be approached with a creator mentality, which we cannot employ when we are stuck in victim mode. The creator mind is able to step back and see the past for what it is as well as what it is not. If I am still clinging to the past, I cannot employ my divine mind. It does not function in the past. It only works in the present. When I am employing Divine-Mind, I engage in unlimited possibility thinking. I go from feeling like a victim to owning my rightful creator nature.

Forgiveness is a gift I give myself. It is not something I give to anyone else. It is an activity of the Divine-Mind, not the ego-brain. Divine-Mind sees the mistakes of the past without attachment, much like a loving parent. I cannot experience forgiveness when my ego-brain is in charge of my thinking, or when I am preoccupied with the past and the future. It is the conscious release of judgment about myself and/or others that allows me to experience forgiveness.

Forgiveness does not excuse other people’s behavior, nor does it create the expectation that I will have a relationship with the person I am forgiving. It does however release me from the past, allows me to move on with my life, and it returns me to the truth of who I am…a Divine Creation…an expression of love.  

Very often we have a story that goes along with our unhealthy habits and

patterns. In this story, we are the victim of a situation that leaves us powerless to change – a dominating or misguided parent, a terrible environment, or a tragic world event. In creator mode, we can look at the past objectively and put it in its place. We can let go of the story that seems to hold us with an unyielding grip. We are no longer that powerless child. We are no longer in that restrictive environment. We are no longer facing those events of the past. In creator mode, we can create a new story, one that gives us complete control as the creator of our lives.

Journal: As you journal about what you are willing to release and what you are willing to accept about your health, consider writing a new story that you chose to live in today. These key points may be helpful to keep in mind:

  1. A miracle is a healthy healing shift in perspective from victim to creator.
  2. Forgiveness is a healthy healing gift I give myself that frees me from the past.
  3. Forgiveness returns me to the truth of who I am – a healthy Divine Creator – an expression of love.  

Affirmation: What is your positive affirmation from today’s writing? Example: I am opening the gift of the present moment. Or Through forgiveness, I am healed.  

Forgiveness Practice: With this particular affirmation, you have the option of creating a forgiveness practice. One idea is to walk a labyrinth. You may have a physical labyrinth available to you or you may want to use a paper one. Using either, write the limiting belief on a small piece of paper and the empowering belief on a different piece of paper. For your empowering belief, you may want to use your positive affirmation for today. As you move toward the center of the labyrinth, focus on letting go of or releasing the limiting belief. At the center of the labyrinth destroy the limiting belief by shredding the paper or by burning it. As you walk out of the labyrinth, focus on accepting the empowering belief. You will never quit actively working toward staying healthy, although this forgiving practice or something like it can give you closure on your journaling, so you are ready to move on to the next subject area, Time.

Letter from your Inner Guide: Review your journal writing, your affirmation, and the results of your forgiveness practice. Then write a letter from your Soul, reminding you of its gratitude for all you have learned in this week’s work as well as all the previous weeks. What loving and gentle comments does Spirit have for you?

Buen Camino, Pat  

Blame is like a cigarette because it takes away the same stress it creates.

~Vironika Tugaleva