Within man is the soul of the whole, the wise silence, the universal beauty … the Eternal One. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am the creator of my life; I mold and make my world.

Namaste’ Fellow Travelers,

This affirmation has so much power and energy behind it – just like the first one. And like Week 1, it acknowledges the creative power that we all have, that we use on a minute by minute basis by the thoughts we chose, which translate into words and actions. By now you maybe feeling a little trepidation. It is one thing to talk about creating good health and maintaining it, yet there must be something stopping us or we would have already established that state of being. So how are your fears, beliefs, and expectations helping or hindering you?

The concept of fear feels all too real when faced with the task of creating good health, especially if that is not your norm. Fear literally feels like it is something outside of us that we have no control over, but we do. Fear comes from our primary brain, which is deep inside the skull where the brain attaches to the spine. It was developed to make us highly aware of outside threats like an attacking animal or a neighboring hostile tribe. That form of fear is generally no longer needed, yet its overwhelming influence in our lives is well established. When fear is in charge, we are more likely to experience illnesses and attract the very conditions that keep us locked in apprehension.

Simply recognizing the purpose of fear and where it comes from can help keep it under control. Also, acknowledging that I am the one who is manufacturing it helps to keep it in check. Like my granddaughters telling each other spooky stories during a sleepover, they are fueling fears presence. Each of us must recognize our part in creating it and ultimately we are the ones who either allow it to run a muck or we reign it in.

Another roadblock to creating and maintaining good health are the patterns we create in childhood – before we even know we are doing this. As I shared in Week 1, I had a well established pattern of getting sick to garner the attention of the man who I wanted to love me. With my father, it had worked when nothing else would. With my finance, it did not, and I immediately broke the pattern because it no longer got me what I wanted. I certainly did not realize what I was doing at 18, but now 50 years later, I clearly see the motivation and the pay off. It may be harder to see it in your own life if you are still enmeshed in the motivation and pay off, yet an honest appraisal is worth the effort.

A final roadblock is closely tied to patterns as well as fear – expectations. Many of us have well established patterns about what we expect to happen when we set New Year’s resolutions, start a new diet, invest in yet another gym membership. We start off with a firm resolve that this time will be different, yet that voice of fear keeps niggling away at our resolve.

One concept that may help put fear in its place is the fact that we created these fears, expectations, and patterns in the first place, and we have the power to create new ones. Since they are habits well established over time, it will take repetition and conviction to forge new roads where the superhighways of old behavior are already in place. Realizing your creative power is the first step. Next we need to step back and take an objective look at what is already happening. If we have an idea of where or why bad habits started, that awareness can also be helpful, but it is not necessary.

Then with the attitude of a strong and powerful leader, we take charge of the situation. We consciously employ the brain, using its amazing capability to recall data and to use skills already in place. At the same time, we recognize the old patterns, beliefs, and attitudes that are not in our best interest, and we are alert to their tendency to return, especially when we are stressed, tired, or otherwise compromised. Rather than focus on somehow getting rid of them, we are better off establishing new healthy patterns of eating, exercising, and sleeping that will eventually replace the old.

With every thought, I always have the option to continue thinking in the patterned or conditioned way that I have learned to think. Or I can chose to see things differently. My life experience is an ongoing choice to stay with what I currently believe and expect, or open my mind to new ideas, a different way of seeing and experiencing my life. So following the natural progress that we have established thus far – acknowledging where I am, creating a picture of where I want to go, getting clarity about my part and the changes that need to happen, connecting with my inner Truth, and now facing the roadblocks that are currently stopping me.

Journal questions: When you consider the positive changes you want to give yourself, what fears, beliefs, and expectations stop you? After you journal about those, you may want to make a list of your concerns and then offer them to the universe in whatever form of prayer or meditation works best for you. Allow this to be a time to let them go by simply focusing on the breathe while offering your worries to the One Mind and allow the universe to take over. 

Affirmation: A positive affirmation that encapsulates your writing? Example: I am healthy.

A letter from your soul: After reviewing your journal writing and affirmation, open yourself to channeling a letter from your soul. Allow it to be honest with our about he fears , expectations, and beliefs that are blocking you from your highest good. Allow it to in the most loving way give you permission to recognize these elements that are standing in your way.

Buen Camino, Pat

The only reason man is limited is that he has not allowed the Divine within him to more completely express.

~Ernest Holmes