Synergy – the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously. ~Mark Twain

I am One with all Souls.

Namaste’ Fellow Travelers,

With this week’s affirmation, we move from contemplation to action. We begin to employ our thoughts in the ways and means department. Having established a clear picture of what we desire and the changes needed, we are ready to look at options for making our dreams happen. We already know a wealth of information about creating good health, having lived in the information age all our lives. Plus, we have the inner wisdom I mentioned earlier which gives us clear intuition about what is right and wrong for us. Finally, we have unlimited access to new information by surfing the web. There is no limit to the resources. Our job becomes discerning what is right for us.

Each of us is born with the Truth imprinted in our soul, yet we can only

access this if we take the time to turn within. This week we will explore, what our souls have to tell each of us. If we are open to hearing it, our souls will offer a multitude of options and resources for creating and maintaining good health, yet we do need to take the time to truly listen.

When the pandemic began, I was in the habit of going to the YMCA three times a week for my yoga practices. Since I am my 90-year-old mom’s primary contact, I knew I had to limit my exposure to others. I didn’t want to give up yoga, so I began exploring options on YouTube. That’s when I found a gal out of Austin, Adriene who has a multitude of free practices posted. Since August of 2020, I have not missed a single day of practicing yoga with Adriene. The last few months, I have done several of her theme-based 30 day sessions. My inspiration to do this was divine inspired by my desire to continue doing yoga in spite of the challenge of COVID. In fact, I am doing more yoga than I ever have before, and it’s all because I listened to that internal guidance.

Hopefully, when we get back to ‘normal’, I plan to return to my passion for taking cruises. When I thought about how I would continue to do my yoga practices without the internet, I realized I could record the practices with my cell phone. This way, I will have the audio cues to guide me through the practice. This idea came to me when I considered the situation and opened myself to possible options, a direct result of tapping into my inner wisdom.

Good health is not limited to physical aspects. It also includes my relationships, how I spend my time, and what I think about every aspect of my world. All of these make up my mental and emotional health. Obviously, there are issues that illicit strong reactions and opinions like politics and world events, which I can allow to consume me in a negative way. Then there are the issues that fall closer to home like what others are doing or not doing. Our job becomes discerning what is mine to do and what I need to let go of – the Serenity Prayer. Again, our inner wisdom is the best resource for discerning the answer to these concerns.

My soul has no attachment to what I do. Instead, my soul serves as my own internal Aladdin’s Lamp, giving me whatever I chose to focus on. I can chose to pursue a healthy and productive life, or I can elect the opposite. If I focus on fear, guilt, shame, blame, I am programming my life experience in that direction. If I plant love and compassion, that is what will grow. Fear and hatred begets a negative result. Love begets love.

While I may find it tempting to join others in reverting back to unhealthy practices, if I am tuned into my own Internal Guide, I always have the Truth ready for me to tune into. It will steer me the right direction. Spirit or the Divine is yearning to be heard. It is eagerly ready to advise each of us to make the wisest choices on our journey to creating our best possible selves. Our requirement is to open ourselves to receiving what our souls have to tell us.

Journal Question: First set the stage for truly checking in with yourself by setting aside time and space to fully focus on this week’s journal question. Your Inner Wisdom is there for you, ready and willing to offer support and encouragement; you simply need to ask. Now, explore your options and resources concerning what will work best for you as you move toward implementing your healthiest lifestyle. Remember creating a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing process, a series of self-nurturing habits that work together for your benefit.

Affirmation: What is your positive affirmation from this week’s writing? Example: Everyone, including me, supports me in achieving perfect health.    

Letter from your soul: Review your affirmation and your journal writing then write a letter from your soul, reminding you of your divine wisdom in reference to your many resources. Allow your soul to expound on the many options you have for living your healthiest life possible. Most of all, remain open to allowing your soul to convey words of wisdom in every aspect of health. Your soul is eager to help you achieve your best possible health.

Buen Camino, Pat

We have all the light we need. We just need to put it in practice. ~Albert Pike