Money is only a tool. It will take you where ever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. ~Ayn Rand

I am creating my reality with my thoughts, words, and actions.

Namaste’ Fellow Travelers,

We had what we needed as kids, yet I grew up in an environment where money was always an issue. My dad was a cotton farmer. At the beginning of every month, he went to the bank to borrow money for our family to live on. In the fall when he sold the crop, he hopefully got enough to pay off the bank note, and then we usually started over again on accumulating a new debt. The never-enough-mentality that I experienced as a child has haunted me all of my life.

My studies pertaining to manifesting the life that I desire brought me back over and over again to the Law of Attraction. After reading several books on the topic, I finally broke through my core beliefs and realized that my expectations stood in my way of enjoying unlimited abundance. Reflecting on the story I made up as a child, I understood that I questioned whether or not I was worthy of prosperity. I did not expect to bring unlimited abundance into my life, and that reflected in my thoughts, words, and actions; thus, stopping the flow.

Prosperity is a beautiful, yet ‘thorny’ topic.

Digging deeper, I found the underlying culprit – FEAR. Fear that I would never have enough. Fear that I wasn’t worthy. Fear that abundance was an illusive dream. Fear is the number one deterrent to experiencing true prosperity. Our fears can sabotage us from opening ourselves up to what the world wants to give us. It can also keep us from enjoying what we do allow into our lives with a sense of foreboding that it won’t last. Finally, fear is that voice in my head that keeps telling me no matter what I have, it will never be enough.

My tendency has always been to overcome fear by ignoring it and charging forward, which does not work. If anything, it made my fears stronger. After years of using this strategy, I finally had to admit I needed to try something different. That’s when I found a profoundly simple, yet effective realization. Fear can either be my friend or my foe, depending on whether I choose to work with it or against it. While playing with this concept, I developed a three step process. First and foremost, I must accept that all of my fears are a product of my thoughts. Therefore, if I made them up in the first place, I have the ability to access the situation and change how I see it. Finally, once I have this new perspective, I am very often able to let my fears go, or at least make them more manageable.

True prosperity is found in the abundance of nature, the ‘free’ gifts that surround us by simply taking a walk.

My Hurricane Harvey experience brought up a lot of fear. I lost so much in that storm – all of my furniture, appliances, and most of my personal possessions – photo albums, family heirlooms to the point that I experienced a deep senses of devastation. Yet, when I stopped to look at what I had lost and weighed that against what I still had – my health and my loved ones, I knew I was richly blessed.

True prosperity is the ability to fully recognize the abundance that is currently in my life, remaining open to accepting more of whatever the Universe offers. I can achieve this by maintaining healthy boundaries and staying conscious of when I am allowing my fears to undermine my sense of prosperity. Currently I have what I need – without all of my previous possessions. In fact, I have cleaned out to the point of feeling a sense of being unburdened by the possession I once treasured.  

I am aware of my tendency to default to these old beliefs, especially under stress or when I am in a trying situation. Therefore, I practice strategies to continually retrain my belief system. Every evening I write down what I am grateful for that day. Along with that, when issues around money come up, I remind myself I have always had everything I need, and I will continue to have all my needs met.  

Truly, the greatest challenge and gift in all of this is realizing I am responsible for exploring my beliefs and expectations as well as doing whatever it takes to bring them into alignment with divine flow. I have freewill, the power of choice. At any point along life’s path, I can choose to see things differently. The contrast between my former limiting beliefs and my current empowering truths are the real gift. They remind me that I am blessed with unlimited prosperity and the divine ability to constantly recognize that anew each day.

Journal Prompt: What is stopping you from moving forward in manifesting all the prosperity you desire? What part does fear play in stopping you? Where did your fears originate and how do they continue to plague you? What new belief can you create that will allow you to accept full control and responsibility for your prosperity?

Affirmation: Compose a positive sentence that captures the essence of your journaling.  Example: I create unlimited prosperity.

Letter from your soul to you: Review your journal entry and your affirmation then write a letter from your soul to you reflecting on both. Address the letter with a term of endearment because that is how your soul sees you. Then allow the love that your soul has for you to pour out onto the page.

Buen Camino, Pat

We can and do co-create our lives in each moment with the power of free will and choice, in partnership with the One Creator. ~Katherine Saux