I have learned how important it is to give my attention to appreciating the good in my experience to attract more of it. ~Carol Wilke

I am grateful for the flow of change, and the shift of conscious choice.

Namaste’ Fellow Travelers,

Years ago, I entertained the idea of buying a newer and nicer house. One of my biggest considerations was going through the arduous task of moving. After doing some looking and negotiations, I ultimately decided to stay put, telling myself at least I did not have to move. As a human species, we tend to resist change. Moving, whether it is across the street or around the world, is a big deal. The word shift is used in New Zealand to indicate moving from one residence to another. It is this meaning that gives this affirmation added meaning for me.

A bit of wisdom within the piles of trash in front of my flooded home.

In August of 2017, I watched from 250 miles away as Hurricane Harvey dumped 52 inches of rain on my condo over a four-day period of time. During this observation period, my daughter sent a link to a Facebook video showing someone kayaking through my condo complex. Clearly my home stood in several feet of water. Plus, it told me I was moving, probably in with my mother who lived a few miles from me, but I had no idea whether I would be able to restore my home.

Part of the “trash” from my flooded home.

During that same storm, my son’s rent house flooded, and he repaired it himself. When he was nearing the end of that process, I asked if he would work with me on remodeling my house, which he agreed to. Having him on my team felt extremely reassuring, yet I also experienced a great deal of “Of my gosh, what am I getting into?” He and I did everything we could, and we hired contractors for everything else like the drywall, replacing windows, and addressing some structural issues (the top floor was sagging into the bottom floor.)

Down to the studs.

It was good I did not know what I was getting into because I might not have taken on this project, which means I would have missed out on a fabulous experience. At one point, I felt totally overwhelmed with the multitude of work and decisions facing me. Out of shear desperation, I limited what I thought about to what I could achieve each day, and put everything else aside to worry about tomorrow.

Ultimately, the benefits I experienced were huge, which brings me to gratitude. More than anything else was the incredible experience of working with my son and the relationship we developed. The most obvious tangible gift was a completely updated home. Every inch of it reflects my personal choice of color and style. Acting as my own general contractor gave me a sense of confidence in making other major choices. Along with that I practiced problem solving which stays with me to this day. Plus, I was able to save a significant amount of money by doing the work myself, paying my son, and contracting the rest. I now know how to rebuild a house from the studs out. And last but not least, I got a new home without moving or shifting to a new address.

So often when we are called on to change, especially when it falls on the heels of a major calamity like Hurricane Harvey, it is natural to look at the losses, which were many. Yet, while I am sad to have lost so many of my possession and the keepsakes of a lifetime like photo albums and treasured family heirloom, I am clear that this is one more example of change creating wonderful possibilities. It also reinforces the tenant that what we focus on and are grateful for plants the seeds leading to a new harvest. Therefore, I am determined to gratefully focus on the gifts and the benefits rather than the losses.

Journal Question: What has to change in order to manifest the prosperity you detailed in the last column of your chart? What can you consciously think about and do each day to gratefully invite more prosperity in each area of your life? 

Affirmation: What is your positive affirmation from today’s writing? Example: I am the gift of change. 

Soul Letter: Review your journal entry and your affirmation then write a letter from your soul to you reflecting on both. Address the letter with a term of endearment because this is how your soul sees you. Then allow the love your soul has for you pour out onto the page.

Buen Camino, Pat

Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed. ~Corita Kent