To realize that God is ever-present, ever available, is to know that all the wisdom, intelligence, and power of the Universe is right where we are. ~Ernest Holmes

I am divinely, creatively, and lovingly present.

Namaste’ Fellow Travelers,

Prosperity cannot be determined by a dollar amount, but rather by the attitude and perception of the individual. Someone with a prosperity attitude who lives in a hut in Africa may live a life of complete joy and satisfaction compared to a multimillionaire CEO who never feels he or she has enough.

We may take our health for granted, but ask anyone who has faced a cancer diagnosis what real prosperity is. Or ask the same question of a mother with a sick baby or a spouse with a dying partner. The quality of every aspect of life is determined by health – physical (disease), mental (addiction), and/or emotional (depression). Good health is a lifestyle, a gift that you constantly give yourself based on your own willingness to do what it takes to maintain and optimize it. We have to believe we deserve it and are willing to work towards it. With focus and practice, it becomes your ideal vision, what you see as your birthright and your destiny. When health changes due to aging or sickness, it is our responsibility to do what we need to do to reclaim it to the greatest degree possible.

True prosperity comes from releasing the idea that my health is limited in any way. Money-wise it is a lot less costly to maintain and keep a body healthy than it is to try to repair it or regain health once it is lost. Good health practices are not expensive. Fresh fruits and vegetables are much cheaper and better for you than the processed foods that you might buy instead. Walking, getting sleep, and taking time for prayer and quiet time reflect wise choices rather than an abundance of money. Our greatest joy is feeling good. Our greatest sorrow or grief comes from poor health for ourselves or loved ones.

That divine presence that is always with me, creating through me, and always a loving force is activated through my thoughts, words, and actions. If I am mentally healthy, if my mind is open to the understanding of this divine presence moving through me, how can I be anything but prosperous. I am overflowing with prosperity simply because I am in alignment with this core Truth. Mental prosperity is a state of mind often linked to what we saw as children within our family and the world around us.

Growing up on a cotton farm that sometimes did not reap enough of a fall crop to pay for what it cost to plant it, I had two equally strong messages given to me as a child. One, we do not have a lot of money. Two, because we do not have a lot of money, we need to figure out how we can use what we do have. Because of this early upbringing, I take great delight in re-purposing and restoring what I do have, with the philosophy that I already have every thing I need; I just may not know what that looks like yet.  

Another source of abundance that I have delighted in exploring over the years is other people’s discards, whether it is in a resale store, which is where nearly all my clothes came from – if not my daughter’s hand-me-downs. Or, I have found many treasures in other people’s trash – like a pristine roller bag when I needed a portable office to teach adjunct classes, an exquisite hand-made stained glass lamp, and a couple of laundry racks that I use to cut the cost of running my clothes dryer.

So where am I right now? Retired and living on a tight budget – yet I feel extremely rich due to my perspective. I have wonderful health, which is such a blessing because without that, I have nothing. Another aspect of prosperity is having time. Again, I am exceedingly thrilled to have this at this in my life. Passion, or my desire to write and to empower my own life and that of others as well is yet one more facet of true wealth. Relationships are as well, especially the relationship I have with myself, since it directly affects my ability to connect with others. So every subject area we have explored thus far is a measure of abundance and in each area it all boils down to whether or not I decide to see what I have or what I do not have. I choose to see my unlimited prosperity.

Journal Prompt: What is your current view of your own prosperity? Create a chart with three columns. In the first column, list these prosperity subject areas, allowing space between each: health, time, passion, relationships, money, and joy. Beyond these subject areas you may want to include others topics like – home, car, or job, depending on your personal view of prosperity. In the next column, describe the prosperity you enjoy in these particular areas. Stay focused on the positive since what we focus on is what we get more of. The third column will be completed with the next journal prompt, so leave it blank for now.

Affirmation: Compose a positive statement summarizing your journaling. Example: I live lavishly.  

Soul Letter: Review your journal entry and your affirmation then write a letter from your soul to you reflecting on both. Address the letter with a term of endearment because that is how your soul sees you. Then allow the love that your soul has for you to pour out onto the page.

Buen Camino, Pat

When we realize our connection with God, feeling and experiencing the ever-present love and abundance that are ours as divine expressions, we open more fully to our good. ~ Kathy Juline