Those who experience the unity of life see their own self in all beings and all beings in their own self. ~Buddha

I am One with all Souls.

Namaste’ Fellow Travelers,

Only a few days after my husband of three months dumped me, my mom handed me a book, Same Kind of Different as Me by Denver Moore and Ron Hall. The authors were two unlikely friends, an art dealer and a homeless shelter resident. They found each other through a mutual connection, Ron’s wife who volunteered at the shelter where Denver periodically spent the night. In the book, they share the story of the loss of Ron’s wife due to cancer and the chapel they built in her memory. Seeing what they did with their shared pain of losing a spouse and a dear friend, I committed to share my own story and what I learned through my experience. I, also, decided to give one-half of the proceeds from my book to women’s shelters.  

When I decided to write, Too Much Gold to Flush, I had no idea where to start. In fact, the undertaking initially felt too big, but once I set my intention, miracles began to happen. The first surprise was ending up with a chunk of change from the divorce settlement, which was inconceivable since we were only legally married for three months before he decided to bail on me. Next, I learned that the Small Business Administration was offering help to companies affected by Hurricane Ike, which I qualified for since I lived in the Houston area. Through this organization, I learned the legal steps for creating my business, Dedicated to Empowering Women, and a web-designer helped me set up my website, I only had to pay for the actual expenses involved with both because the advice and services provided by the SBA were covered by the grant.

Then, I found a business card for a publishing consultant I picked up years earlier at a craft show. The consultant’s son was a graphic artist who set up the layout of the book, allowing me complete and direct control of the entire process. This meant I could review every page and make changes up to the point of sending it to press. Both the consultant and her son gave me a significant discount since my book benefits women’s shelters.

I published 5,000 beautiful hardback copies of Too Much Gold to Flush. Ironically, Hurricane Harvey destroyed nearly 3,000 of those since they were stored in my garage, which got 40 inches of flood water. Of course, I grieved the loss, yet I treasure what I learned through the process of publishing it. I have a limited number left, and it is still available in eBook format. Ironically, because I lost most of my inventory in Harvey, I received a grant from the Texas Association for the Arts, which provided the means to publish Call It Quits, my first novel. One stipulation of the grant was the money had to be used within six months, so I published this book quicker than I would have otherwise – all because I asked for the money and received it. So in both cases of publishing my books, the Universe seemed to be immensely helpful in making it happen once I set my goal.  

After I had Call It Quits in print, I committed myself to getting the next book in print because I added a teaser at the end of Call It Quits about the next book, Living with Abi. So I inadvertently created yet another wave of momentum. I now realize I might not have ever been brave enough to actually create a publishing company and get my writing in print had I not felt compelled to learn from what drew me to that dysfunctional short-term marriage, which is one more gift from a seemingly horrible event. There was, indeed Too Much Gold to Flush concerning his ’gift of infidelity’ (the subtitle to Too Much Gold to Flush).

One of my greatest lesson in this process was to allow the Truth, my Inner Knowing, to be my guide by looking within. A byproduct of this introspection is nearly always the gift of peace. Unmerited fear is a sure sign I am not tapping into my soul, but rather the ego or survival/instinctual brain. A great way I have found to get in touch with this Inner Knowing in a very concrete way is to simply look in the mirror and focus on the highlight of my eyes. When I zero in on this light and picture it representing my soul, I immediately feel peace. This is a practice I often adopt while brushing my teeth, which translates into a positive way to start and end each day.

You can work on being a better friend to your reflection. ~Vironika Tugaleva, The Art of Talking to Yourself

Journal Questions: Think of a challenging experience you have been through. Then allow yourself to see the gifts that came from this situation. How did it change how you see yourself and others, particularly those who shared this difficulty? In what way did the Universe guide and direct you through this time? If you have more work to do in healing from this experience, what might that look like or what steps might you take to find completion?  

Affirmation: What is your positive affirmation from today’s writing? An example might be: Every soul supports me in creating healthy relationships. Or I am one with the Universe.

Letter From Your Soul: Review your journal entry and your affirmation then write a letter from your soul to you reflecting on both. Address the letter with a term of endearment because that is how your soul sees you. Then allow your soul’s love for you to pour out onto the page.

Buen Camino, Pat

We become what we love, and who we love shapes what we become. ~St. Clare of Assissi