Every time you go into prayer, you’re not doing that alone; you’re partnering with God to create the highest and best life you can possible have. ~Linda M. Potter

I am One with all Souls.

Namaste’ Fellow Traveler,

I had a ten-day break in the middle of my house-sitting gig last summer, so I booked a train trip back and forth between Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. It required three flights to get from where I was house-sitting to Vancouver. On the day of my trip, I sat in the airport prior to my last flight and watched the minutes tick away, creating a one-hour delay in our flight. After praying about what I should do, I called Via Rail and asked if they

could possibly hold the train until I got there, “Sorry, madame, we cannot, and if you will not be able to make it, you need to cancel now so as to get a partial refund. If you do not, we will not be able to give you anything back.” I had spent $3,000 on this trip, which I did not want to lose.

An agent with the airline assured me that I would make it with plenty of time, so I decided to stay the course. We got to Vancouver with an hour to get to the train, but I still had to go through immigration and get a ride to the train station. With no other option than the local taxi service, I got in a long line. While I waited, I prayed that I would actually make my connection. Once I finally got a cab, Harry the driver told me it would be cutting it close to get to my destination on time. I promised Harry a huge tip if he got me there before the train left the station, so he began darting down allies to avoid the gridlocked Friday afternoon streets, cut in and out of traffic, and pulled up with only a minute to spare. I paid him in American dollars, including the generous tip I promised. Then I ran for for my train.

The porter had already pulled up the steps and the train was preparing to leave the station when I found my car. The porter helped me find my cabin where I sat down and took a deep breath. I had made it! Over and over again I said prayers of gratitude. I had just experienced a miracle.

After settling in my space, I found the dome car and enjoyed watching the scenery pass by. The couple in the seat behind me began discussing the propensity of the train to run late getting from one location to the next as it must give way to the freight trains. When I asked them about it, they said in their many years of riding the train, they had rarely been on time, which

made me consider my return trip. I intended on boarding a bus an hour after the train’s scheduled arrival back in Vancouver. That bus would take me to Seattle where I would catch a flight back to Pasco, the local airport closest to my house-sitting gig.

Given my propensity to worry along with what I had just gone through to get on the train, I spent a lot of time in prayer, assuring myself that all would be well for my return trip. In the end, I did get back to Vancouver very close to my scheduled arrival time, but I barely made the bus because I was looking for it in the wrong place. At the United States border, we ran into a two-hour delay because the immigration office was understaffed. Again, I was concerned about getting where I needed to be, so I prayed about what I should do. My guidance told me to call and see if I could get a later flight. Once I spoke with a ticket agent, I was shocked to learn that I had not finalized the booking of that particular flight. I ended up buying a full-fare ticket and getting back to my home-base considerably later than I had planned. But I did get there. If I had not been delayed at the border, I would not have tried to reschedule my flight, and I would have gotten to the airport and not have a ticket, so even when things were going wrong, the Universe was conspiring to keep me on track.

What a great example of how our lives are not lived in isolation. Even though I was traveling alone, I certainly was not alone in my efforts to get me from point A to point Z. The Divine was guiding me every step of the way while using Harry along with everyone else who conspired to get me both to Canada and back. Even with all the worry and frantic feelings that accompanied this trip, I still felt a sense of the Universe conspiring to teach me I am part of a collective-whole. The prayers certainly helped. I don’t think things magically happened because I prayed throughout this journey, although I do believe that my prayers gave me the guidance I needed to make the right decisions. My trust that the Universe supports me gave me the determination to stay the course and believe everything would work out, which it did.

Journal Question: Perhaps you can recall an experience in which you found yourself dependent on others with a time factor thrown in to make it truly challenging. How did you deal with that and what did you learn from it? Was your inner guidance (prayer) part of the scenario? What external resources came to your aid?

Affirmation: Write a personal, power, positive summary of what your journaling showed you. Example: Everyone supports the best use of my time.

Review your journal entry and your affirmation then write a letter from your soul to you reflecting on both. Address the letter with a term of endearment because that is how your soul sees you. Then allow the love that your soul has for you to pour out onto the page.

Bueno Camino, Pat

Prayer is essential, not to the salvation of the soul, for the soul is never lost; but to the conscious well-being of the soul that does not understand itself. ~Ernest Holmes