They are able who think they are able.  ~ Virgil, Roman poet

Going through an incredibly tough experience builds character.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I am extremely grateful for the lessons I learned after my husband of thrch 15 p 263ee months decided he was in love with someone else.  Of course, I did not immediately count myself as blessed, but once I took the time to really examine what there was to learn from this experience, I now consider it one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.  One of the huge gifts I received from going through this experience was to realize that my world really is created from my thoughts, and as long as I thought I deserved someone like the guy who dumped me, then that was who I was going to keep attracting into my life.  I realized that I was able to have a healthy relationship – IF I believed I was able and worthy of that.

Once I got over the initial shock of learning my husband had been unfaithful to me, I decided I needed to write a book – to help me understand what had gotten me into that situation.   It took a couple of years of processing and a full year of writing before I came to the conclusion that the main love ingredient that was missing in my marriage was love and compassion for myself.  If I had been tuned into my own needs, I would have clearly recognized the red flags that were popping in my face the whole time we were dating.  So the real gift in this marriage was the lesson I learned about loving myself and honoring who I am.

I had just decided I would write Too Much Gold to Flush, The Gift of Infidelity when I knew with perfect clarity that I wanted it to benefit women’s shelters.  The women they serve go through a fate much worse than I had endured.  Most of them are not able to support themselves.  Nor do they have the emotional support I found at that time.

Anyone that runs a shelter can tell you how expensive it is to keep their doors open.  That’s another reason I wanted my book to benefit women’s shelters.  One-half of the purchase price of Too Much Gold to Flush, The Gift of Infidelity goes to the women’s shelter that the purchaser designates.  Click here to purchase a copy and designate which shelter you want to benefit.

The shelters I am featuring this week are in Illinois.  This link: Illinois will take you to the page for Illinois on the Women’s Shelters, a nationwide directory of shelters for women.  On their home page, you can either click on a map, enter a zip code, or scroll down to a list of states to find a location closest to you.

To check out information about the shelters in Illinois, click on the cities listed below:

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