ch 14 p 241In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love. ~ Marc Chagall

Coming back to the truth of this quote is extremely difficult when you are in the throws of having your life turned upside down.  When my husband of three months decided he was in love with someone else, I was not able to get in touch with any feelings of love or compassion, especially not for the man who had just informed me that he wanted a divorce so he would marry someone else.  I found it extremely hard to make sense out of what was going on.  Why had he married me and then three months later he was telling me he loved someone else.

Once I was able to think with any level of clarity, I decided I needed to write a book – to help me understand what had gotten me into that situation.   It took a couple of years of processing and a full year of writing before I came to the conclusion that the main love ingredient that was missing in my marriage was love and compassion for myself.  If I had been tuned into my own needs, I would have clearly recognized the red flags that were popping in my face the whole time we were dating.  So the real gift in this marriage was the lesson I learned about loving myself and honoring who I am.

I had just decided I would write Too Much Gold to Flush, The Gift of Infidelity when I knew with perfect clarity that I wanted it to benefit women’s shelters.  The women they serve go through a fate much worse than I had endured.  Most of them are not able to support themselves.  Nor do they have the emotional support I found at that time.

Anyone that runs a shelter can tell you how expensive it is to keep their doors open.  That’s another reason I wanted my book to benefit women’s shelters.  One-half of the purchase price of Too Much Gold to Flush, The Gift of Infidelity goes to the women’s shelter that the purchaser designates.  Click here to purchase a copy and designate which shelter you want to benefit.

The shelters I am featuring this week are in Delaware.  This link: Delaware will take you to the page for Delaware on the Women’s Shelters, a nationwide directory of shelters for women.  On their home page, you can either click on a map, enter a zip code, or scroll down to a list of states to find a location closest to you.

To check out information about the shelters in Delaware, click on the cities listed below:

To order Too Much Gold to Flush on Amazon, click this link.


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