ch 13 p 220It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. ~e.e. cummings

The most difficult experiences in life offers us the greatest lessons.  That was my experience when my husband of three months decided he was in love with someone else.  Of course, I was initially irate.  I wanted to tar and feather him, and at the very least tell everyone what a creep he had been.  That’s what gave me the idea to write Too Much Gold to Flush, The Gift of Infidelity. 

I had gotten too far into the writing process when I realized I was the one who had decided to marry this guy – while knowing full well that there were strong indicators that he was going to end up being a jerk.  So the book became my story and what I learned about myself in the process of analyzing what attracted me to the relationship.

My next clear thought was that I needed to benefit women’s shelters since the women they serve go through a fate much worse than I had endured.  Most of them are not able to support themselves.  Nor do they have the emotional support I found at that time.

Anyone that runs a shelter can tell you how expensive it is to keep their doors open.  That’s another reason I wanted my book to benefit women’s shelters.  One-half of the purchase price of Too Much Gold to Flush, The Gift of Infidelity goes to the women’s shelter that the purchaser designates.  Click here to purchase a copy and designate which shelter you want to benefit.

The shelters I am featuring this week are in California.  This link:California will take you to the page for California on the Women’s Shelters, a nationwide directory of shelters for women.  On their home page, you can either click on a map, enter a zip code, or scroll down to a list of states to find a location closest to you.

To check out information about the shelters in California, click on the cities listed below:

To order Too Much Gold to Flush on Amazon, click this link.


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