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It is 1973 on the desolate tabletop plains of the Texas Panhandle. Abi Martin is 29 years old, has been married to Vince since she graduated from high school, and more than anything wants to go to the university 40 miles away. They live in Quits, a little town that has to be the belt-buckle of the Bible-belt. While free love, rebellion, and the women’s movement are taking root elsewhere, Quits is steeped in tradition and men rule the roost.

When Abi ends up in the hospital after she gets caught working, which Vince clearly told her not to, she knows it is her own stupid fault. But then she overhears her father-in-law asking Vince about Abi going to school. Desperate to make this happen, she promises God she will be the best wife possible if He will make Vince say yes. Remarkably, Vince reluctantly agrees.

At college Abi encounters people and ideas that stretch her understanding of how she creates her existence through the choices she makes. When she gets into situations that require her to make impossible decisions, Abi is forced to shift how she sees herself and others. Give yourself a trip back to the music and times of 1973 while you accompany a young woman through a year of change and growth.

If you liked Call It Quits
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Set in Houston, Texas and Jacob’s Springs, New Zealand,
Living With Abi takes place ten years after Call It Quits ends.
Once more Abi and Garrett
are drawn together by a matter of life and death.