Praise for Call It Quits

Pat Grissom’s “Call it Quits” was an easy to read story of a young women who struggles with low self esteem resulting from her upbringing and subsequent poor choices. I liked the way Pat weaves the music and events of the time period of the early 70’s into this story as the reader gets to know the principle characters in this rural north western locale. And it was satisfying to root for this young woman as she evolves and grows through new relationships and experiences. I look forward to the next book based on this character.


Anyone who grew up in a small town will relate to a lot of the elements in this story – and so will every woman who has had to work to come into her own. When we see someone being intimidated or even abused by their spouse or life partner, we may wonder why the victim is so afraid to leave the situation. In this book, we get a good view of how low self-esteem and an unsupportive atmosphere can trap the most innocent of people in seemingly hopeless lives. And, yet, there is always hope. This book is a great testament to the power for anyone to move beyond a bad situation and step into a new reality when they discover their own internal power.

-Deep Watters  

Pat Grissom will captivate your interest in her new book, “Call it Quits”. This is a page turner as her characters come to life as they deal with issues in 1973 that are still with us today. You can easily identify with these such as dysfunctional families, women’s equalities, and self worth. We have all loved “love”, but the definition of “love” takes on an entirely different meaning from what the heroine’s life has taught her about relationships.


Ms. Grissom wove a believable story of a young woman caught in a seemingly impossible situation. Her characters came alive so that you hated the villains and championed the young woman. This story really draws you in as you see how the woman comes out of her shell into her own and experiences life and real love. And Ms. Grissom takes you right there with her. The emotions her book draws out of you make you anxious to read the next chapter in the young woman’s life – can’t wait until the fall when the next book come out!

– Alice M.  

An Heroic, hilarious and inspiring journey from repression to redemption. Riveting tale!…. I feel like I know these folks…Pat Grissom’s Call It Quits transports me to a time and place where repression and subservience for women were the norm. Abigail Martin lives in a small rural town in Texas.with an abusive husband and little hope or support for escape. Against all odds, her husband “allows” her to attend a local community college where she finds redemption and a path to freedom . As her consciousness and courage increase she begins a transformation heroes journey!
Call it Quits is sprinkled throughout with wonderful colloquialisms….”I’m full as a tick” and, when hungry, she reports, “my belly and backbone are bumping”. I highly recommend that you buy 2 books…one for you and the other for that friend who you know will love it as much as you do. I was intrigued by the surprise ending and I can’t wait for the sequel

– Sue

Emotionally Engaging!
A powerful novel that kept me emotionally engaged with he characters from start to finish. The reality of the circumstances kept me cheering for even the tiniest breakthrough of our heroine and crying for the pain and hopelessness she felt. Yet, there is a hope and redemption that is renewed by the closing pages. Excellent story-telling, thought-provoking ideas that fueled the transformation of the lead character and good descriptive writing made this especially hard to put down.

– Kyra

Couldn’t put it down!
I really enjoyed this book. But I must warn that about mid way through it started interfering with my sleep because I couldn’t put it down! It was such a good reminder that I always need to take care of myself and not fall into old habits of putting others needs before mine at my own cost. And it also reminds me to examine my own goals and dreams. I’m eager for the sequel!

– Kathie

Looking forward to the sequel
The story of Abi captured me from the first page of the prologue to the last page of the book. Although my first husband was not as violent as Vince he was still controlling and abusive and the story of Abi seems all too real. It is beautifully written and I totally look forward to the sequel.

– Rosestone

Great summer read holds your complete attention and leaves you wanting more…
Wonderful book, found myself really caring about characters and needing to pick up the book everyday to check on Abi ! Pat takes us back to the 70’s when women were waking up and realizing there was more to life , we’ve come a long way baby! I’m looking forward to “Living With Abi” coming this fall.

– Terry