I Am Entitled to Miracles.

Through Forgiveness, I Know I Am Love.

Forgiveness is a shift in perception which removes a block to the awareness of Love’s presence. ~Mary Manin Morrissey

In my favorite book of wisdom, A Course in Miracles, a miracle is defined as a change labyrinth_cretan_rnd_left_1in perception.  If I can see how invalid my negative core belief is, then my shift in perception will allow me to see the truth of who I am.

Forgiveness is probably the most misinterpreted spiritual concept that exists.  Too often forgiveness equates with letting someone off the hook.   Forgiveness is often thought of as something we do or grant to someone else.  Rather than letting go of this vile thought/poison, our sanctimonious need to be right keeps us in a state of resentment and anger.  By refusing to let go of these negative thoughts and beliefs (past anger and resentments), I only hurt myself.

Likely the person who committed the offense is either totally oblivious to my feelings, or they simply do not care.  Perhaps they are sorry, but what can they do to change what has happened, whether it was intentional or an honest mistake?  Forgiveness is a gift I give myself.  It is permission to let go of the negative feelings I am carrying about any given situation, whether those feelings are directed at someone else or at myself.  Ultimately, they only hurt me.

Denial is another key aspect to this part of this releasing process.  Before we can forgive, we need to identify how our thoughts and beliefs have stood in our way to happiness.  To identify what I would like to deny, I ask myself what I have given power to that stood in my way to seeing my precious, unique, and authentic self.

At this point in the process, I must accept that I have undermined myself by clinging to this  negative core belief:  I can find validation based on what others think about me and my accomplishments.  I am scared of giving up an idea that seems etched in my brain, but I already see the potential for living a life based on how I see myself, rather than how I see others seeing me.  The idea that I can live from a place of finding my own self-worth makes me feel totally powerful and in charge of my life, which is exactly what I want.

Labyrinth Exercise

This exercise offers a means of physically releasing those beliefs that have sabotaged each of us at a core level.  First, what belief about myself and/or others can I deny in order to identify the power I once gave that idea?  Then what do I need to release/forgive in order to experience the shift I desire in my core belief about myself?   Last, create a statement that affirms the Truth of who you are. 

Here is an example of the denial I created about my negative core belief:

  • The belief that I find my value based on whether or not my family or anyone else in the world finds me worthy no longer has power over me.

These two statements are the release/forgiveness sentences I created concerning my negative core belief:

  • I release the idea that other’s opinion of me trumps how I feel about myself.
  • I forgive myself for ever thinking other’s opinion of me was more important than my own.

Here is my statement of what I want to believe instead of my old negative core belief:

  • I am worthy and the only one who needs to believe that is me.

Part 1

Now create your own statements.







Part 2:  Write two statements on an index card – the denial or release statement that feels right to you and the affirmation.  For simplicity’s sake you may want to shorten either or both to a condensed version of what you wrote in Part 1.  The important point is to get the essence or meaning of each.   For example, I shortened mine to the following:

  • Walking in:  I forgive myself for believing other’s opinion of me mattered more than my own.
  • Walking Out:  I am worthy; the only one who needs to believe that is me.

Using the finger labyrinth at the end of this blog or a walking labyrinth if you have one available to you, doing the following:

  • Repeat over and over again either the denial or the forgiveness statement as you walk (trace your finger) toward the center. 
  • In the center, give yourself praise and blessings for being willing to do this hard work. 
  • As you walk (trace your finger)toward the outside of the labyrinth, say the affirmation. 

Do not get caught up in judgment about whether or not you completed this exercise correctly.  Give yourself permission to trust that your voice of Truth gave you the perfect denial, release/forgiveness, and affirmation.   This exercise does not magically do away with the negative core beliefs that have plagued us most of our lives, but it does help to identify and remind us of their presence.  By repeating this exercise, I have found great relief in the shift that has transformed me from feeling like a victim of my old beliefs to someone who is in control of my life.  Rest assured that you will have plenty more opportunities to work on the release and acceptance process – not only with this blog series, but throughout life.



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