I am the creator of my life. I mold and make my world.

 You are the architect of your actions, words, and voice.  What an opportunity for love, truth, and purpose to shine. ~Sister Andrea Jaeger

I have determined my negative core belief(s), looked at how I want to change it(them), 100_2919examined the benefits of doing so, taken inventory of the skills and talents that I possess, and then taken stock of my family relations and those outside the family in determining possible resources.  Now I need a plan; I need to identify what steps would enable me to stay on The Way.  Initially, this felt overwhelming because my first instinct was to slip back into old behaviors and beliefs, which quickly moved into blaming key members of my family for being stuck there.  That left me immobilized.  If it was their fault, and if they held all the control, then I was left powerless.   Blaming others or myself left me trapped in dysfunction.

First and foremost, I had to own the fact that I had created my life based on the choices I had made – granted, those choices were constructed from rules that were conceived before I knew I was forming rules that would run my life from then on.  I had still made those choices, with or without being well informed.  And with the owning of those choices, I gained the power to choose differently.  I could create a plan, one formed from my new version of rules to live by.  This plan drew from my talents and skills I identified in my third affirmation – I am precious, unique, and authentic, and it tapped into the healthy relationships I had identified in my next affirmation, I am one with all souls, earthly and eternal.

When I began doing this journal prompt, I panicked at the prospect of coming up with “the right answer.”  What if I had not thought of the right responses for Weeks Three and Four?  What if there is a better solution?  Then I assured myself that this goes back to my negative core belief that I must be successful to prove my worthiness.  There is no right answer.  Looking back at my responses to Weeks Three and Four, I see that I was focused on “fixing” the family situation, not dealing with what I really want to change – my negative core belief.  That’s when it dawned on me I had returned to the idea that I could be successful if I proved my worthiness.  Wrong.   I began looking at my abilities and resources that would help me change the way I see myself.  So give yourself permission to throw out a lot of what you said in Weeks Three and Four if it does not fit what you’d like to create.  You may think of new ideas that did not occur to you when you were answering those questions.  Don’t be afraid to add, delete, or modify to serve yourself the best possible way.  These questions are for you – food for thought and change.

Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful.  Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.         ~Shakti Gawain

Looking back at the options that you looked at in Weeks Three and Four, what do you see as a viable options for creating change in the negative core belief that you formed about yourself as a child?


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