I am precious, unique and authentic.

 Growing Up Is Hard WorkIt takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  ~e.e. Cummings

Having defined the limiting core beliefs, established what I’d like to replace them with, and how I expected to benefit, I now focus on how to make that happen.  If I am not operating in the past or the future, then I must be in the present.  By default I had found The Way back to the present – through that observer point of view.   What will keep me here?  Where is a lifeline to which I can cling?   This prompted me to look at what I found on The Way (the present moment.)  Me.  Who is this precious, unique, and authentic person I call me?

This is when I began to explore what makes me who I am, what gifts and talents are mine, what makes me distinctively me.  The very act of looking with unabashed honesty often sent me spiraling back into the past under the mandate of not being a show off or too proud or full of myself.  I constantly had to remind myself that this search and rescue mission was all about saving me from a life of misery – not living out the old rules from childhood about living up to everyone else’s expectations.  With time it became apparent that to stay on The Way I had to give myself permission to believe that I do have real gifts, that I am the precious soul who showed up to live in this body, that I am brave enough to be myself even when it feels like I am totally vulnerable, and that I am happy to be unique and different from every other person on the planet.

No matter what race, gender, social class, or country describes our identity upon entering this world, we each arrive with a perfect, precious soul.  While the body that houses us may be diseased or deformed, the soul itself is precious and remains precious and perfect.  What changes over the course of time is our perception of who we are.  We lose the incredible beauty of a baby or a toddler to be totally okay with ourselves.  Usually within the context of the family, we start to see ourselves as flawed in some way.  We decide we are not good enough, not smart enough, not strong enough, not loveable enough, not worthy enough, not …..

Besides being this perfect soul at our core, we are unique.  Not any two of us are identical.  We may have similar facial features to our siblings and/or our parents, but we are each remarkably different.   We have a thinking mind, and we are able to create who we are based on how we interpret our world.

Authenticity goes by the wayside when I am caught up in viewing the world through my negative core beliefs; I lose the ability to experience life as that uniquely, precious soul that I am, and with that, I lose the ability to be authentic, to be truly me.

Finding my strengths is much harder than pointing out, someone else’s good points.  The very idea of looking at what I’m good at smacks of bragging or inflating myself, which is one of the cardinal things in my family we were not allowed to do as children.  I had to remind myself that this exercise is for me, not to impress others.  In that same vein, I need to remember I cannot  prove my worthiness by somehow astounding others.  Instead, I focus on my skills and what I have to give to myself.  These are skills that I have honed over a life time of trial and error. They are talents I was born with, skills I nurtured through education, or strengths that grew out of tough experiences.

 Every individual has a place to fill in the world, and is important, in some respect, whether (s)he chooses to be or not.  ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

What are your innate abilities that might prove useful in changing your core beliefs from one of “not enough” to seeing yourself as the truly precious, unique, and authentic soul you already are?   


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