Relationships: Step Five

I am the creator of my life. I mold and make my world.

You should be smart enough to find people who are smarter than you and keep them close. (I creatorfound this distressingly easy.)  ~Michael J. Fox

When I started college, I decided to reinvent myself before the concept had been given a title.  I changed my name from Patty to Pat – short and sassy.  Then I decided that I would also change my persona; I actually spoke to people.  I took art classes where I could visit while we drew and worked on designs.  Remarkably I began making friends.  After my initial success at college, I began collecting friends.  I put effort into maintaining contact with people – even after the semester ended.

In my mid-twenties a huge shift took place in my life when my husband and I moved from Lubbock, Texas to Houston, six hundred miles away.  We had to start over in the friendship department, which we did.  But we stayed in contact with the people we left behind via a Christmas letter, which I vowed would not be another brag sheet.  I documented the real events of our lives like the year my daughter was left home alone at the age of three, and the time my oldest son pulled out his front teeth with the rope that hung down from the pull down ladder, and the time my other son played Superman in the neighbor’s barn and broke his arm, but we did not take him to the doctor for two weeks because it appeared to be straight and he could still move it.

As a child I did not feel worthy of having friends, I had very few.  But once I decided they were important to me, and I was willing to put the energy into getting and keeping them, I have been richly blessed.  The real key to moving on to having even better friendships is realizing that the ultimate relationships come when I am willing to be kind to myself.  The old adage about teaching people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves is so true. 

I am a creator. I am genuinely me in every relationship, especially with myself. I follow my Inner Guide. I love myself and vow to take care of myself in every situation.  ~Pat Grissom (written while doing lesson 13 in Katherine Woodward Thomas from Calling in “The One”

Looking back at the options that I looked at in Steps Three and Four, what do I see as an option or multiple options for creating change in how I relate to myself and others? 

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” FORREST GUMP, 1994.