Step Three:  I am precious, unique and authentic.precious unique authentic

Don’t be scared to present the “real you” to the world – authenticity is at the heart of success.  ~Chiqui Cartagena

In order to identify my strengths and talents in the area of enhancing my emotional life, I began exploring what I like to do, what I feel good about while I am doing it.  First of all, I could watch emotionally charged movies with the intention of identifying the emotions that they conjure for me.  Then I could journal about them or discuss them with friends.  Mostly, I want to identify my emotions, experience them and honor the fact that I do feel them, that they are an integral part of me, not something that I need to deny or suppress.

I could incorporate my exploration of emotions in the writing that I do, especially when writing fiction.  I would love to create a safe place in which to explore emotions and play with my characters having emotions and responding or not responding to them and how that impacts their lives.  I’m sure I will see that those who have learned to respond with awareness and sensitivity to their own feelings will fare better no matter what else happens in the story.  That awareness piece is the key thing that I am still struggling to find – the means and the wherewithal to just sit with it.

Painting is also another avenue for exploring and owning my feelings that allows me to tap into an area of the brain that cannot be sourced except through a purely creative activity like painting.  That is a deep primal, core aspect of who I am, and I suspect my emotions would be accessible through this avenue.  Painting a series of paintings that deal with emotions would be an exciting proposition.  They may be in line with the chakras, although they don’t necessarily need to be.  It is an interesting area to explore.

Be true to yourself.  ~Cherie Blair, Human Rights Advocate & wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair

How do my innate abilities factor into my options for change in this area of my life?  Based on my strengths, what can I do that will result in a positive shift in my emotional, mental, and physical health?

 Try to live an authentic life that feels true to yourself – which means living as yourself, not an imitation of anyone else, and not the reflection of yourself in anyone else’s eyes. ~Maria Shriver